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TITAN Fuels Cardholder Options


TITAN Rewards Program

Welcome to the TITIAN Rewards Program, the simple and easy way to earn rewards.

At TITAN Aviation we want to thank you for your loyalty. Sign-up for your free Titan Rewards Card today and start earning valuable rewards. As a Titan Rewards member, you earn points each time you fuel your aircraft at a participating location. Then login to your account and redeem your points for valuable VISA gift cards. It’s that simple!

For more information, please contact us at 252.633.0066 or

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TITAN Contract Fuel+


Simple and Easy.

We are pleased to present the one card solution that will replace an entire card portfolio – the TITAN Contract Fuel+ Card.

Improved Functionality

The TITAN Contract Fuel+ Card can be used for contract fuel, retail fuel, and non-fuel flight expenses anywhere within the FBO network.

Global Acceptance

With thousands of FBO locations processing domestically and internationally via the Multi-Service Aviation card network the TITAN Contract Fuel+ card has you covered no matter where you fly.

Streamlined Purchasing

You will receive one invoice for contract fuel, retail transactions, and out of network retail transactions anywhere the Multi-Service Aviation card is accepted.

  1. Download the TITAN Contract Fuel+ Application.
  2. To sign digitally, save the PDF application to your computer before completing
  3. Complete and save the PDF.
  4. Print and Mail the completed form to us at:
    Titan Aviation Fuels
    PO Box 12327
    New Bern, NC 28561-2327
  5. Or, you may email the completed form to us at contractfuel@titan

Contract Fuel Application Terms & Conditions

Questions? Call or email today: 252.633.0066 or

TITAN Aviation  Card

We are pleased to announce the next generation of the Aviation Card – Titan Aviation Fuels and Multi Service Aviation have joined forces to create the Aviation/Multi Service Aviation co-brand card. This co-brand card provides enhanced functionality and acceptance to Aviation Card holders via the Multi Service Network.

The TITAN Aviation Card can be used within the TITAN FBO network and is now accepted at thousands of FBO locations in the U.S. and Canada that process within the Multi Service Network.

The TITAN Aviation Card is the passport to quick, easy, quality refueling whether you are flying locally, or piloting business or leisure passengers across the country.

Apply today!

  1. Download the Aviation Card Application to your computer
  2. Complete and save the PDF
  3. Print and Mail the completed form to us at:
    Titan Aviation FuelsPO Box 12327 New Bern, NC 28561-2327
  4. Or, if you are on a secure internet connection, you may email the completed form to us at

If you have questions about the TITAN Aviation Card, please call our card services department at 1.800.334.5732 ext 293.

Shell Aviation co-brand Application Terms & Conditions