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AeroClass FAQs

Read about our Frequently Asked Questions here:

How do I become a participant of the Shell AeroClass Rewards™ Program?

It’s simple.  You can become a participant of the Shell AeroClass Rewards program by visiting, clicking Apply for AeroClass Rewards, filling out the short program registration form and establishing a Program account in your name.

Who may participate?

Individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and reside in the United States, or corporations or other entities with a mailing address in the United States and that designate an individual who is at least eighteen (18) years of age as the point of contact for Program purposes, are eligible to participate in the Program.

Are there different membership classes?

There are two classes of members: Corporate and Individual. Corporate Members will be allowed to combine reward activity from several cards and have the reward issued to the corporate offices.  Individual Members enroll separately and may not combine Program points with other Individual Members. Each Member may have only one Account, and must provide the requested information in the enrollment process (online or paper forms).

What does it cost to join the Shell AeroClass Rewards™ Program? +

There is no cost to join the Shell AeroClass Rewards Program for participating members.

How do I establish a program account?

To participate in the Program, you must visit the Program Website and sign-up for an Account in accordance with the instructions provided on the Program Website.  In order to establish an Account, you will be required to provide a valid United States street address; P.O. boxes will not be accepted.  The program website is

When do I start earning AeroClass points?

AeroClass Points will only be awarded for purchases made after the date on which you establish your Account.

How do I earn AeroClass Points? +

Rewards accrue based on qualifying purchases by an individual Member.  Rewards will accrue to a Member based on a qualifying purchase of Shell Products at any Participating FBO location in the United States.  Participating FBOs will award one (1) AeroClass Point for each gallon of Shell Fuel Products purchased at Participating FBOs.  Participating FBOs may reward additional AeroClass Points for special promotions at their discretion.  Participating FBOs can start and end special promotions at their discretion.

How do I redeem AeroClass Points for Rewards? +

Members of the Program accrue AeroClass Points that can be redeemed for Visa Gift Cards.  To redeem AeroClass Points for Rewards, simply log on to the Titan Program Website or the Titan Aviation app and choose your redemption method.

What are the award qualification rules? +

Members qualify for an Award pursuant to the following formula:

AeroClass Points (minimum redemption)     Award
1,000 Aero Class Points                                     $10.00 Visa Gift Card

2,500 AeroClass Points                                      $25.00 Visa Gift Card

5,000 AeroClass Points                                      $50.00 Visa Gift Card

10,000 AeroClass Points                                    $100.00 Visa Gift Card

Charity                                                            You may give your AeroClass Points to any charity that is listed on the Program Website.


If taxes apply to my reward, am I responsible? +

You are solely responsible for any taxes, including sales tax, associated with accrual or use of AeroClass Points or otherwise arising out of your participation in the Program, unless otherwise disclosed in advance.

Can I give my points to a charity? +

Members may choose to donate their AeroClass Points to a charity that has been previously selected and is displayed on your account at the point of redemption.

How do I track my Shell AeroClass reward points? +

You can track your points by visiting the website at and logging into your account or by downloading the Titan Aviation Fuels app.

How do I know which Shell Aviation locations are participating merchants? +

Visit the website at to review the list of participating locations.

If I have questions regarding the program whom can I contact? +

Feel free to contact Rhonda Bernthal at or 252-633-0066 for assistance.