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  • Combining classroom instruction with practical application procedures.

Fuel Quality Control Training

Quality Control is paramount and at Titan Aviation Fuels “QC” is a top priority.

You can never know too much about fuel quality control, so Titan Aviation Fuels is pleased to provide industry leading classroom and hands – on training for FBOs and corporate flight departments. This training will ensure that you are in compliance with current industry standards and best practices for aviation fuel handling and storage from the time it arrives at your location to the wingtip. We invite you to join us at one of our Seminars.

Topics Covered to Include:

  • Helpful fuel tips and facts
  • Spill Prevention Control Countermeasures (SPCC)
  • Line Service Supervisor Training
  • Receipt of fuels
  • Transport Driver Training
  • Records keeping procedures and techniques
  • FAR 139.321 certification
  • Hands on training of aviation fuel and storage QA procedures
  • Hazmat Shipping Certification (1203 & 1863 products only)

Online Certification

Record Keeping and Hazmat Shipping certification is available via Zoom meetings at the following dates and times:

October 14, 2021:  Receipt of Fuel class 9AM – 1PM EST

October 15, 2021:  Hazmat Shipping (1203 & 1863 products ONLY) 9AM -1PM EST

November 12 2021: Record-Keeping/Quality Control Procedures 9AM -1PM  EST (Final Class of 2021)

Register for online certifications HERE.


Download bulletins / warnings  HERE

Safety Data Sheets HERE

Current forms for record keeping HERE

Mis-Fueling Video HERE